Mr Wilson is the modern day interpretation of your childhoods ice cream parlour. A gentleman that spreads happiness anywhere a gourmet experience is required. His various ice cream bar formats can be adapted to your requirements… from a 25th floor conference room to your backyard, Mr Wilson can go anywhere.


Wherever your need may be, rain or shine, inside or out, summer or winter… We can be there.


Your time is ours. We’re available at all time of day or night.


Build your own ice cream cup with a choice of over 50 premium toppings or let our ice cream mixologists handcraft one of our signature recipes

Whether it’s to celebrate an event in your company, be the highlight of your wedding, help with a maketing campaign or simply to wish Bob a happy retirement, Mr Wilson would love to be there in uniform and ready to impress your guests! Revive the child within you, live the Mr Wilson experience!